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PACER was designed to equip an interprofessional team of primary care faculty with the skills to transform a traditional primary care training environment into a medical home with interprofessional collaborative practice and education at its center. The nine interprofessional teams attended two training sessions and have worked closely with expert coaches to develop and implement new models of interprofessional training in their primary care practices.

Ongoing efforts are focused on developing PACER Regional Centers to provide professional development for faculty in primary care residencies and health professions schools to catalyze transformation in primary care IP practice and education and foster collaboration among primary care health professionals. Centers will focus on efforts that empower faculty to be more successful in their work, including the simple practice of building connections and collegial support, and sharing ideas and struggles.

Regional Center #1 – Building on the work and leadership already established in the pilot that preceded PACER, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital is serving as the first PACER Regional Center.

Current Activities: Developing mechanisms and activities to support IP collaborative practice within Advocate primary care residencies and practices; conducting Faculty Development Activities; Sponsoring an annual Regional Center Primary Care Conference -“The Future of Primary Care-Hot Topics and Challenges,” (Sep 28, 2017 and Sep 14, 2018).

Regional Center #2 – The PACER team from University of So. Carolina is exploring the possibility of establishing a Regional Center at their institution. They have a strong team with growing institutional support and have great interest in becoming a Regional Center.

Regional Center #3 – Educational leaders in the Department of Family Medicine (DFM) at the University of Colorado (a PACER site) may also house a Regional Center. The DFM has extensive experience and strengths in interprofessional practice and residency education re-design, and they plan to focus on the services that they currently provide to catalyze the transformation work of residencies as a starting point for Regional Center activities.

The evaluation team for PACER is based out of the Department of Family Medicine at Oregon Health and Science University. To learn about additional projects being undertaken by OHSU Family Medicine’s Medical Education Network (MedEdNet), please visit MedEdNet.org.