healthcare team
Now in its second year, PACER was designed to equip an interprofessional team of primary care faculty with the skills to transform a traditional primary care training environment into a medical home with interprofessional collaborative practice and education at its center. The nine interprofessional teams have attended a training session and have started to work closely with expert coaches to develop and implement new models of interprofessional training in their primary care practices. The second training session for the PACER teams has been scheduled for Fall 2017!

Our vision is that PACER will serve as THE faculty development model to catalyze transformation in primary care and interprofessional education and foster collaboration among primary care health professionals. Thus, we have designed PACER to create a sustainable model of faculty development that evolves during the program with the selection of interprofessional institutional teams in each of 3 geographic regions with the intention to create 3 regional centers. The regional centers post-PACER will provide support, training and resources to expand the learning collaborative started through PACER to other primary care programs and health professions training programs working on clinical and interprofessional educational redesign together.

The evaluation team for PACER is based out of the Department of Family Medicine at Oregon Health and Science University. To learn about additional projects being undertaken by OHSU Family Medicine’s Medical Education Network (MedEdNet), please visit MedEdNet.org.