Competency Assessment

  • ACGME Faculty Development Course for Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME)
    • Assessment is essential to all of education, and graduate medical education is no exception. With the introduction of competency- or outcomes-based education nearly 15 years ago in the US, and now the launch of the ACGME’s Next Accreditation System and the Milestones, the need and urgency for high quality graduate medical education programs to meet the needs of learners, programs, and the public has grown substantially. To help meet the faculty development needs around assessment, the ACGME conducts a highly interactive course designed to enhance faculty skills in competency-based assessment of residents and fellows. This six-day course has an attendance limited to 48 participants with a target audience of residency and fellowship program directors, associate program directors, chairs and members of Clinical Competency Committees (CCCs), and any faculty members with major responsibility for the assessment of residents/fellows.
  • Holmboe ES, Sherbino J, Long DM, Swing SR, Frank JR. The role of assessment in competency-based medical education. Medical Teacher 2010;32(8):676-82.