PCMH Practice Transformation

General Concepts

Specific Change Elements

  • JABFM Supplement on Behavioral Health-Primary Care Integration
    • This supplement pulls together key lessons about what it takes to implement integrated care, not under well-funded research conditions, but in the diverse, local realities of frontline practices with varying levels of experience. The primary audience for this material is frontline clinicians and practices who want to improve the care of people with emotional and behavioral problems and join the movement to replace the separated histories of so-called physical and mental health care with evidence-based, integrated care that works.

Transformation Tools

  • PCMH e-Learning
    • The objective of the PCMH e-learning platform is to deliver a comprehensive and centralized learning environment for residents and faculty for the key components of the Patient-Centered Medical Home. Learners who complete all 12 modules will be eligible to receive American Academy of Family Physicians Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit.

PCMH Faculty Development