Each PACER team has developed work specific to their institutions that can be reviewed on the Team Reports page. Evaluation and Dissemination efforts were also developed and completed through a core team at OHSU. A current listing of manuscripts from the core team and PACER teams is available on the publications page. Some highlights of team accomplishments from PACER are reflected in the below table.

Examples of PACER Team Actions and Areas of Interprofessional Collaboration

Team Actions
•   Improving team huddles and team meetings to include trainees and more professions

•   Integrating nurse practitioners and physician assistants into their clinical teams.

•   Working collaboratively to improve patient engagement and the patient voice in each of their clinics

•   Implementing an Interprofessional Care Clinic, which involves an interprofessional team of learners working with patients to address social determinants of health barriers to achieve better health

•   Speaking with a unified primary care voice to transform ambulatory policies, e.g. scope of practice for medical assistants

•   Implementing faculty development sessions to improve skills in interprofessional education

•   Conducting joint grand rounds among the primary care disciplines

•   Implementing a joint Medication Assistance Treatment curriculum

•   Interdisciplinary community health track for residents 

Areas of Interprofessional Collaboration
•   Continuity of care

•   Care coordination

•   Managing transitions of care

•   Patient engagement

•   Team huddles

•   Addressing social determinants of health

•   Clinician well-being

•   Shared measures for evaluating change